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Lyneisha Dickenson: Software Engineering Intern

Meet Lyneisha, a future Software Developer motivated by the power of coding to create “something big from nothing.”

Matthew Rivera: Data Analyst Intern

This summer, Matthew will apply his Data Analytics skills and devote his passion for helping companies solve problems

Traci Spiegelman, Content Expert

As VP of Global Media at Mastercard, Traci hopes Marketing Micro-Credential students learn new tools and join her exciting field.

Matin Nazamy, Technology Analyst Intern at American Express

Meet Matin, a Data Analytics EverUp micro-credential completer and Summer 2021 Technology Analyst intern at American Express.

Senhuang Cai, Software Engineering Micro-Credential Completer

Senhuang aspires to become a senior engineer and company manager, and eventually start a business with a team of passionate people.

Andre Simmons, Cybersecurity Intern at Accenture

With cybersecurity becoming increasingly critical for companies, Andre seeks to immerse himself in this field and eventually start his own technology business.

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