What We Do—The NY Jobs CEO Council is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide access to high-potential jobs for 100,000 low-income New Yorkers, especially for Black, LatinX and Asian communities, including 25,000 from the City University of New York (CUNY).

We are achieving our goals by:

  • Connecting students and workers with in-demand skills
  • Removing barriers to training and jobs
  • Developing long-term, stable career pathways

Our Core Programs:

Launching EverUp Micro-Credentials at CUNY. EverUp Micro-Credentials are 100-hour online intensives equipping CUNY students with in-demand skills.

  • Micro-credentials are co-designed by CUNY faculty and subject matter experts from Jobs Council companies based on internship job specifications.
  • Successful completers build and apply in-demand skills needed to land jobs and internships.

Providing EverUp Micro-Credential Completer Benefits. Successful EverUp Micro-Credential completers receive a suite of exclusive benefits that give them a competitive career boost. Benefits include:

  • Invites to “An Insider’s View of Getting an Internship” info sessions hosted by Jobs Council company recruiters
  • Networking opportunities with Jobs Council company professionals
  • Professional skills events
  • LinkedIn badge
  • Resume boost

Creating Apprenticeship-Based AAS Degrees. Jobs Council companies have partnered with CUNY colleges to redesign Associate of Applied Science degrees with embedded, credit-bearing apprenticeships for students pursuing two-year degrees.

  • Apprenticeship-Based AAS Degrees prepare students with the skills to succeed in targeted, high-potential, entry-level jobs.

Increasing the number of CUNY students in internships. Internships are key pathways to high-potential jobs.

  • Increase internship cohorts
  • Reserve internship spots for CUNY students
  • Create off-cycle internships for CUNY students
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