Strengthening New York

We are bringing together business, education & community, to equip New Yorkers for the jobs of tomorrow.

New Yorkers hired by Jobs Council members by 2030
CUNY students hired into jobs and apprenticeships as part of our 2030 goal
CEOs, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations represented in the Jobs Council

We are fostering collaboration among business, education, and community leaders to prepare New Yorkers in diverse, low-income communities for the future of work and meet employer needs. Member CEOs are committed to working with our partners to create economic opportunity for New Yorkers by:

Connecting students & workers with in-demand skills

Removing barriers to training & jobs

Developing long-term, stable career pathways

Why?—Our economy and the nature of work are fundamentally evolving. Many New Yorkers—especially in low-income and diverse communities—have either been left behind or did not have the opportunity to keep up in the first place.

The future of New York City’s economy and workforce requires breaking down industry and educational silos and opening the door to local talent.