Traci Spiegelman, Micro-Credential Content Expert

Company: Mastercard

EverUp Micro-Credential: Marketing

When Traci Spiegelman reflects on her experience studying Advertising and Communications in college, she recalls a gap between curriculum and the real-world. With media changing everyday, so do the skills students need to learn. Thus, when Traci learned about the opportunity to become an EverUp Micro-Credential Content Expert and change how students learn Marketing, she was eager to help.

“When I found out I could help college kids looking for careers in marketing, it was very appealing to me because at one point in time I was in their shoes,” she said. “Being able to give feedback was exciting because I knew it was going to help somebody.”

As the VP of Global Media at Mastercard, Traci understands the skills needed to stand out in the marketing world. When co-designing the Marketing Micro-Credential with CUNY faculty, she advocated for a larger focus on digital marketing, communication, social media, and understanding the competitive market landscape. She hopes students complete the micro-credential with a desire to join her exciting, fast-paced field.

“I hope the feedback I gave will bring to light that there are many new tools that we’re using,” she said. “We need to understand what other competitors are doing and what their share of market looks like— and that kind of information comes from newer tools.”

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